Unleashing the Creative Potential of Your Business

Benefit from our heritage in shaping creative ventures.
Our founders’ real-world journey in founding, growing, and exiting businesses isn’t just a story – it’s your strategic advantage.

Start Right, Grow Strong, Exit Better.


Our Mission:
To empower every phase of your creative business journey. With unparalleled lived experience, our founding partners have not only led multiple creative companies through successful life cycles but have also been at the forefront of numerous M&A transactions worldwide. This vast experience isn’t just a track record; it’s the backbone of our advisory services.


As part of the GROUP OF HUMANS network, we’re uniquely positioned with access to a global community of creative pioneers and industry disruptors, ensuring your business benefits from diverse, cutting-edge perspectives.


At the core of our approach is a deep understanding of the creative sector’s unique dynamics, far beyond the reach of conventional financial and consulting advice. We offer tailored, insightful guidance, underpinned by a rich network of industry connections and collaborative partnerships. Whether it’s market access, leadership development, or strategic M&A planning, we’re here to guide your journey to success.

Areas of Focus

#BETTER Funding & Investment Brokerage

Grow your business

Whether you’re a start-up looking for capital from pre-seed to series A and beyond, a VC or PE looking for quality investment opportunities, or an established creative business looking for growth capital to facilitate expansion plans, SHP can help you to define, structure and achieve all of your funding needs.

#BETTER Company Design

Optimize your structure for success

Working with our world-class partners alongside the SHP team and GOH TRIBES, we can help you to optimize the design of your company from the ground up, improving every metric from your corporate structure, legal and tax status, shareholder and client agreements, to leadership and succession planning. Optimize your company design, amplify your growth opportunity, transform your future.

#BETTER Corporate Development

Maximizing your company’s potential

Plug us into your existing board to help you define, refine, and improve your business model and identify new opportunities to accelerate growth. We work with you to inject fresh thinking, corporate development expertise and entrepreneurial flare into your boardroom and across your organization to deliver better outcomes for your business and your customers.

#BETTER M&A Advisory

Tailored M&A advice for founders, from founders

Creative companies are poorly served by traditional M&A Advisory firms who rarely have lived experience growing a creative business or even working in one. SHP is different. We are a group of creative entrepreneurs who bring a perspective and experience unrivaled by other M&A advisors. We get your business, we’ve walked in your shoes and we know how to maximise your value and find you a better exit.


SUPERHUMAN PARTNERS is supported by expertise from these category-leading legal, creative, and financial services companies.

One of the world’s leading future-facing international tax and law firms with over 5000 lawyers worldwide.

A globally distributed community of creative leaders and change architects unrivaled in experience and expertise, unmatched in efficiency and results.

Expert corporate financial planning. We partner with our clients offering expert financial advice to help them plan for their best financial future.

Do your company #BETTER

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