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The advisory business for creative founders who want actionable advice from experts with lived experience

Meet the Founders

SuperHuman Partners was founded by creative industry veterans Rob Noble and Rick Palmer to support creative ventures and the people who build them.

Rob and Rick first met in the early noughties when they ran UK digital agencies Lightmaker and Bloc. Together they shared the digital account for Electronic Arts, with Rob’s agency Lightmaker supplying web development support for EA’s extensive portfolio of game titles, and Rick’s agency Bloc delivering the supporting strategic marketing collateral. Together they were responsible for all EA digital content across Europe – an account that helped both companies win multiple international awards and many other clients.

The two founders built a strong friendship based on mutual trust and respect and remained in touch over the years that followed.

Rob went on to build a second agency in Service Design called Great Fridays, which he successfully scaled before selling to EPAM Systems. After a short break to recharge, Rob’s next move was the creation of Group Of Humans, a globally recognized distributed community of creative leaders and change architects and the sister company and team behind SuperHuman Partners. An avid supporter of innovation, Rob also invests in promising small businesses.

Rick went back to his roots building online platforms at scale. His first business was a digital broadcast platform called The Reelscreen Network which he scaled and sold to Future PLC. Following this model, Rick built an online gaming platform called TheGamesList, subsequently acquired by a US games publisher. After a short break to recharge, he then built a successful consulting career in M&A advisory, supporting the global marketing services sector with tailored M&A support. Over the last decade he has helped countless founders scale and exit their agencies globally. Rick is also the investor and co-founder of global artist community platform Alternative Movie Posters.

In late 2022, the two founders met up in southern Spain to explore working together. Over a glass of wine under the Mediterranean sun, SuperHuman Partners was born.

Combining their lived experience as successful exited founders with the Group Of Humans network of networks and Rick’s M&A advisory experience, SHP offers a unique approach to other creative founders in need of consultative support.

Start right, grow strong, and exit better with SHP.

Rob Noble


Rick Palmer, Partner

Rick Palmer