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From how prepared you are to take the next step to what you should focus on first. This assessment will help us understand how best to tailor your experience. Take just four minutes to answer these questions and begin supercharging your growth.

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About your business

Business vision and goals

What are your top three business goals for the next two years?

Growth challenges

What are the biggest challenges you currently face in scaling your business?

Leadership and management

How would you rate the effectiveness of your leadership and management team in driving business growth?

Market positioning

How well is your business positioned against competitors in your market?

Revenue growth

What was your annual revenue growth rate over the past two years?

Innovation and adaptation

How quickly does your business adapt to market changes and innovate?

Employee development

Do you have a system in place for employee skill development and career growth?

Client acquisition strategy

How effective is your current strategy for acquiring new clients?

Customer relationship management

How would you describe your relationship with your existing clients?

Financial management

How would you assess your company's financial health and fiscal management?

Exit strategy or succession planning

Do you have a clear exit strategy or succession plan in place?

Scaling readiness

On a scale of 1-10, how ready is your business to scale up significantly?

Company details

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