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#BETTER Funding & Investment Brokerage

Grow your business

Our SUPERHUMAN network includes access to the global capital markets, numerous exited founders and a host of angel investors, business advisors and corporate finance specialists who understand the unique challenges and needs of creative companies. Together with our partners we offer funding solutions from pre-seed to series A and beyond to help you realize the full potential of your business.

Whether you’re looking to raise capital through equity sale, SAFE, Revenue-based financing, venture debt or a hybrid structure bespoke to your commercial needs, our funding and investment brokerage service is designed to help. 

Collectively we have started, grown and exited creative companies of all scales, internationally, and together we boost corporate finance professionals and M&A advisors who have decades of corporate advisory and lived experience to bring to your business.

We also offer an intermediary service for Venture Capital and Private Equity firms looking for quality investment opportunities. If you’d like to discuss how we can support your business please contact one of our Founding Partners.


#BETTER Company Design

Optimize your structure for success

Effective company design lays a solid foundation for your business, optimizing your capacity to scale, and exit when the time is right.

Often overlooked in favor of an organic approach to corporate structure, strategic company design can be the critical differentiator between success and failure, satisfactory growth or extraordinary expansion.

Understanding the building blocks of a robust corporate structure is crucial. Whether you’re a startup or a well-established enterprise aiming to secure your long-term success, we’re here to assist you in laying down the essential groundwork necessary for achieving consistent growth.

Working alongside our world-class partners, we guide you in refining your company’s design from the ground up, optimizing every metric to ensure your ongoing success.

Starting with the essentials of your corporate framework, we collaborate with you to design the optimal structure tailored to your business model, market, and customer base. From legal and tax planning advice to the optimization of your shareholder and client agreements, team structure, and organizational chart design, to succession planning strategies, as well as the design of day-to-day operations, we’re committed to magnifying your potential for growth and transforming your enterprise.


#BETTER Corporate Development

Maximizing your company’s potential

A strong corporate development function is the growth engine of a company, enabling you to elevate your business above the competition and maximize your potential.

However, despite the competitive edge that corporate development delivers, it is all too often an entirely overlooked function within a creative company. Instead, many founders focus almost exclusively on client revenues, leaving the significant additional potential of inorganic growth down to gut instinct and opportunistic events alone. This is where we can help.

As your trusted external advisors, we work with you to proactively uncover new growth opportunities by exploring market trends, the competitive marketplace and your internal capabilities, introducing new concepts for growth through mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships and investments.

We work closely with you to align your financial, legal and operational needs, to ensure that strategic initiatives are aligned with your overall business objectives and we act as your corporate A team in the execution of inorganic growth strategies. 

With decades of experience founding, growing, selling, advising and investing in creative companies, we inject fresh thinking, corporate development expertise and entrepreneurial flare into your boardroom and across your organization, giving you the edge over your competition. 


#BETTER M&A Advisory

Tailored M&A advice for founders, from founders

Whether you’re just starting out in your entrepreneurial journey or you’ve spent the last decade or more building your company, creating a path to a successful exit is critical if you want to maximize value and find the right deal for your business and your future.

Understanding the value of creativity and how to align this with the commercial needs of buyers requires a deep level of expertise that is often lacking in traditional M&A advisory firms. 

At SHP we bring a perspective and lived experience unrivaled by many other M&A advisors. We get your business, we’ve walked in your shoes and we know how to maximise your value to find you a better exit.

From company valuation and the preparation of marketing materials, to the identification of a targeted acquirers list, we find you the right buyer for your business. 

We guide you through the full process from valuation to deal negotiation and act as your trusted advisors through every step of the process, negotiating a win-win scenario for you, your business, your team and your future. 

And once the deal, when other M&A advisors vanish into thin air, we remain by your side to help you with wealth management, tax planning and life after exit strategies together with our world-class legal and financial partners. 

With SHP you get a #better exit and a brighter future.


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