Business Coaching

Gain invaluable insights and tactics from certified coaches and exited founders to unlock the full potential of your business

Catalyze rapid growth and propel your business forward through our expertly designed Business Coaching programs for creative founders and teams.

From fast-sprint 1 and 2-day Masterclasses designed to deliver immediate impact on your business metrics, to deeper, more sustained advisory services that support you throughout your business’ lifecycle, SHP Business Coaching guides you towards achieving your most ambitious goals.

Whether you’re looking to refine your business plan, elevate your value proposition, sharpen your sales pitch or business development function, expand market reach, secure funding, or plan your exit, SuperHuman Partners brings you the lived experience, operational models, and frameworks necessary for success.

Business Masterclasses

Our founder-led advice is built on a foundation of real-world success and lived experience, tailored to help you unlock your business’s commercial and creative potential.

For founders seeking rapid impact, our expert-led 1 and 2-day Masterclasses will help you identify growth roadblocks and ignite your potential.

Be it improving your pitch success, honing your proposition and messaging, or getting scientific with your operational efficiency, we’re here to help.

Leadership Coaching

Customized coaching solutions for individuals and teams, powered by experienced professionals. Invest in yourself and your leaders with guidance from certified coaches using proven methodologies.

Our coaches employ proprietary frameworks designed to help you break through growth barriers and optimize your business and your team for peak performance, enabling transformational change that drives commercial success and unlocks your true potential.

External Counsel

Tap into the hard-earned insights of founders who’ve navigated funding, growth, and exits. Founder-led counsel with a track record of scaling businesses and securing successful exits.

Our exited founders offer longer-term fractional advisory support, delivering much needed external counsel and entrepreneurial thinking to support your board.

Leveraging our wealth of experience and networks, we provide seasoned strategic guidance to unlock doors, ensure governance, and provide invaluable insights that drive long-term growth and sustainability.